Privacy Policy

Last Update: July 16, 2020

What personal data do you collect?

When you create a new inbox inside the app, it is created on the Binbox server and is stored there. We never read or access the information in your inbox for any reason other than delivering it to your device when you open your inbox.

What non-personal data do you collect?

Pictize may collect anonymized data about the way you use the app to know which features to prioritize. This data is not linked to the specific user and is only used for analytics purposes.

Does anyone else access my inbox?

When a new inbox is created, new email and password are generated on the Binbox server. After your device receives the password, it is removed from the server within a short period of time. Only the securely hashed version of the password is preserved on the server for the purposes of authentication.
This means that accessing your inbox should not be possible, unless someone gets access to your device and somehow extracts the password from it.

What data do you use to link my device to my inboxes?

We actually do not link users with inboxes at all. When you create a new inbox, its generated credentials are stored on your device (and potentially iCloud) and they're the only thing used to access the inbox. No additional data is used to link users to inboxes.

How do I remove my data from your service?

If you want to delete the contents of your inbox, simply delete that inbox from your device. Its contents will then be removed from the server during regular maintenance. This inbox could not be accessed by any users while it's pending deletion.

I have more questions, how do I reach out to you?

You can contact me over email, or reach out to me on Twitter @vpukhanov.