Disguise Your Email

Binbox lets you create new iCloud synced inboxes on-demand without having to sign up for new accounts or remembering a new password in one click of a button.

Available on your iOS and macOS devices!

Device frame
Device frame
  • Unlimited Inboxes

    The number of disposable inboxes you can simultaneously have is not limited. Create and delete them as needed, without restrictions.

  • Cloud Sync

    All of your inboxes are synced via iCloud, which makes them readily available on all of your iOS and macOS devices.

  • Privacy First

    Privacy is at the core of Binbox. We never read or share incoming mail, nor do we link your devices to your inboxes.

Great idea, it’s not something I knew I needed until now. Simple design and does what it needs to without over complicating anything. Easily worth the money especially considering it also comes with a version for macOS.

Gian Frangiamore

I just wanted to say that the developer is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. Within one day of making a request, he posted an update and then version 2 was released with a significant request of mine. I’d highly recommend this app and look forward to what other apps the developer has in the pipeline.

Angus McFisher

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